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MyRubric - WhatsApp


Send via WhatsApp 2 messages to the recipient/s, both the signature request and the signed document. It has a cost € 0.05 per message and recipient/s. It is very useful for users who prefer it over email.

MyRubric - CVS QR Code

CVS technology

It allows adding a CVS (Secure Verification Code) to the document, so that, even if the electronically signed document is printed, its authenticity can always be validated using this code. To facilitate them, it is complemented with a QR code that, when scanned from a smartphone, downloads the original document. It can be used optionally: always, never or depending on the document.

MyRubric - Edit Form


It allows the sending of editable PDF forms, so that the recipient can fill in all or parts the documents before signing them.

MyRubric - 100% Móvil

100% use from mobile

Use all the functionality of MyRubric from your mobile.

MyRubric - Plantilla


Use Templates when you want to use the same document modifying only specific fields of the signer (name, surname, ID, address, email, company, custom fields, … etc). It is a way to save time when the same document is sent many times.

MyRubric - Enviar

Mobile shipments

The two previous functionalities allow you to send documents on the go from your smartphone.

Documents: valid for documents available on your mobile device.

Documents from templates: The template can be created and sent at the same time, but the most common will be to have it configured beforehand in the office / home. Especially suitable for transactions where the person who generates the contract is on the move (example: real estate, auto-schools, … etc) and the person who signs is in the same place or in another.


Custom fields

Custom fields can be used to complete a document or template with additional information that is requested at the time the document is submitted using a form. These custom fields allow great flexibility when sending documents, especially when they are done together with the templates. For example, in the case of a real estate exclusive contract, based on a template, these custom fields would be used to inform the address of the property, characteristics of the property, the amount of the contract, … etc.

What value does MyRubric bring?

and Easy

Documents signed in less than 2 minutes. Preparation, shipping, record high.

Signature in real time mobility. It facilitates the fast and comfortable signature on your device (mobile, tablet or computer).


Eliminates transportation costs, travel and custody of your employees, customers and suppliers.

Save time by removing paper and ink. It also removes document storage space.


The non-face-to-face signature prevents the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Signing at a distance allows you to limit contact between people, thus avoiding the transmission of viruses and bacteria, both through direct contact between people and through the media used (envelopes, contracts, …)

It increases
your ratios

Thanks to this system, you can safely sign documents remotely, which will allow you to increase your conversion rates at closing deals, contracts, etc.


Reducing carbon footprint. Stop generating 15 grams of CO2eq. for each DIN A4 sheet printed.

No initial

You only pay for the generated documents.

Service launch in less than 5 minutes, 100% online process.

Legal validity and security


MyRubric ensures the identity of the signer and the integrity of the content of the document.


MyRubric collects the electronic evidence associated with each signatory as the signing of the document takes place.

This evidence is evidence that provides legal validity to the process.


Our Cloud servers meet all the most demanding security standards.

All transactions are performed over 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

Unique identification of the person signing

Signatories to MyRubric are identified by their personal information, email address, and a set of electronic evidence collected from each signatory during the signing process.

Signature Intention

Each party involved in the signature process is asked to generate their signature and to confirm their intention to make the respective electronic signature a legal representation of their signature.

Process integrity

To ensure the integrity of both the electronic signature and the electronic evidence collected during the signing process, an official time stamp recognized in the European Union is applied. This seal acts as a trusted third party, to ensure that the data existed and has not been altered from a specific point in time.

Electronic evidence

Each document signed through MyRubric is associated with a detailed file of all electronic evidence (signer data, IP addresses, date and time of signing, etc.) called the Audit Trail or evident document. This evidence is collected during the course of the electronic signature process and guarantees the integrity and identity of the person signing it.


Communications between users and the platform are performed using secure communication protocols (SSL). All data related to user accounts, documents, and signature data is securely stored on secure servers in the cloud.

In addition, during the signing process, the electronic evidence is collected and all this information is encrypted using an asymmetric key and embedded in the final document. The encryption key is guarded using a high security key custody service contracted by a specialized company.

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